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Suns Even It Up, Back To Dallas

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It is good to see that the Phoenix Suns, in a moment of success and elation, are able to wordless express their emotion through its physical manifestation without fear of potential retribution or societal shame. It's a good thing.

The Suns evened their series with the Mavericks last night, and we, for one, are relieved, because we were starting to worry that we might not have any seven-game squeakers, whatever a "squeaker" is. This seems to be the series we were all actually wanting; it's enough to make us even stay up late.


It was pointed out to us the other day, however, that we tend to bring up Mark Cuban too often when discussing the Mavericks; he is merely an owner, after all, and treating him as if he is an active participant in matters gives him and his billion-dollar penis more credit than he might deserve. We are sensitive to this criticism, but, respectfullly, disagree. This is the 428th richest person in the world who still screams like a fan and bitches about bad officiating on his blog. We cannot ignore such activity.

Phoenix Rings Dallas' Bell [20 Second Timeout]

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