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Thanks For The Memories, Booty Lounge: We Bid Farewell To Detroit's Mobile Strip Club

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The Booty Lounge, Detroit's mobile strip club that found its most loyal audience in the Lions' tailgating community, was booted from the premises near Ford Field during yesterday's festivities.


"I guess we just got kicked out," bus operator Joe Parsons told the Detroit News. It's an extra shame, as they were planning to donate portions of the admission funds to breast cancer research ("CUZ," according to the Facebook page, "WE SUPPORT BREAST IN EVERY WAY, SHAPE AND FORM. SO COME HANG WITH OVER 20 OF YOU FAVORITE BOOTY LOUNGE GIRZ AND SUPPORT SINGLE MOMS!!!")

Parsons had advertised a 2 p.m. start time for a "pregame adult entertainment party" at the bus's usual spot outside Bert's Warehouse Theater in Eastern Market:

Cops arrived at 1:55 p.m. with orders for the owners to ban dancing by semi-dressed women on board, even though the vehicle was parked on private property. Police said the activity had no permit.

And, because Bert's has a liquor license, police threatened to perform a liquor inspection on the bar and the bus.

The decision to cancel the party was made after property owner Bert Dearing Jr. took a phone call from Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, said Parsons, who added he planned to drive the bus somewhere outside the city limits, park it, and then return downtown to join tailgating friends before the game.

The Booty Bus did not return our calls—which was sad, since we're now Facebook friends—so we just wanted to share some of the more heartfelt tributes that its former patrons recently shared with the world:

Booty lounge SUCKS!!!! The owner is a lying scam artist scumbag!

It felt dirty.

...there was nothing sexy about it. We were packed in like sardines, you know?

It was about as clean as a strip club can get.

The first time I went I was totally convinced the girls were straight up prostitutes.

They weren't, like, ugly, fat strippers.

The booty lounge is like going to a movie that you know is going to suck.'s the cheapest strip club on earth.

Farewell, Booty Bus. May you find greener, less lawful pastures on which to sell amateur stripteases for $10.


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