It's been six days since the Arizona Sundogs' owner and GM were buried in a dumpster until they reached their goal of 300 season tickets sold. They are not anywhere close to their goal.


Last year's scissor lift promotion ended in six days. This year's stunt will soon pass that mark. At last check on Sunday, the Sundogs had sold 50 tickets. The team's pulling out all the stops, too. They even tacked on another promotion on their original promotion by giving away Ted Nugent concert tickets to fans who bought season tickets. Arizona and Ted Nugent do go well together, but the enticement was not very effective.

Brad Fain and Chris Presson have been buried alive for over 100 hours. As the clock ticks, basic morals will gradually deteriorate, and one of them, driven by a combination of boredom and insanity, will likely kill and eat the other. But you can prevent this, citizens of Arizona, by buying minor league hockey season tickets. Do it.

Photo via Arizona Sundogs

H/t to Clue Heywood