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The Associated Press Sports Editors Are Against Something

The APSE is one of those journalism organizations that probably used to mean something, but now just kind of exists because crusty old newspaper types like having membership in something and like going to an annual convention. They're best known for their awards (Rick Bacon has one), for which they're in the middle of announcing the top 10.


But there's one post that doesn't belong. Titled "APSE releases statement," here's the entire text:

APSE has released the following statement from Michael A. Anastasi, President of the Associated Press Sports Editors:

"As professional journalists, we are mindful of the power of the press. Any misuse of that privilege, intentional or not, is simply unacceptable.

APSE strives for fairness, sensitivity and the highest standards of sports journalism. We expect our members to adhere to these standards in every form of our business, whether it be print, digital or broadcast."

Believe me when I tell you there is zero context here, and nobody has any idea what this statement is referring to. But whatever it is, the APSE will not stand for it.

APSE releases statement [APSE]

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