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The Colts' New Rule Proposal: Touchdown Drives Worth Up To Nine Points

The NFL's Competition Committee plans to discuss proposals for rule changes with team owners at meetings next week, and this year, there's a particularly fun idea submitted by the Colts: If a team scores a touchdown, then successfully goes for two points, it can kick a bonus 50-yard field goal for one more point.

Nine-point drives could keep losing teams in the game longer:


The Patriots proposed cameras designated on the sidelines, goal lines, and end lines for better angles on video reviews:

The committee proposed more uniform number options for linebackers. That's nice of them:


After the Patriots' use of ineligible running back Shane Vereen against the Ravens in the playoffs, the committee proposed making ineligible receivers stay in the "core of the formation":


You can find all of the proposals below.


Photo: AP

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