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The Commercials That Will Be Destroying Your Soul Over The Next Few Days

Those of you with short memories are lucky, because you might not remember the Applebee's Guys from the NCAA Tournament two years ago. Those were the guys who sang a ditty about Applebee's shrimp platters to the tune of the Gilligan's Island them over ... and over ... and over ... and over. It made us all want to die. And with the tournament kicking off tomorrow ... prepare for the deluge of repetitive ads that only the NCAA tournament and their "corporate champions" can bring.


The Money Shot looks at some of the ads that will be burning themselves into our brains over the next four days. We hope you like tacos, rental cars and State Farm insurance.

This is the only upside for you people stuck in the office tomorrow. Small consolation, we know.

The Middle Finger: NCAA Corporate Sponsors [The Money Shot]

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