The end is near, Giants fans

You won’t have to suffer Jason Garrett much longer, and at least you’re not the Jets

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Jason Garrett
Jason Garrett
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I’m sorry, New York Giants fans. Someone should apologize to your fan base for the bill of goods you’ve been sold. Management tried to convince you that hiring Jason Garrett as offensive coordinator was a good idea. But you’re an intelligent crowd that knows football, and you knew better having seen him in action for nearly a decade in Dallas. You’re also loyal, so you rolled with the decision.

Fear, not Big Blue. The nightmare is almost over.

The Giants are bad right now. They lost to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, a team that might actually be worse than them. The Giants are 0-3, again. Garrett is still at it with his uninspired vanilla play calling, wasting the talents of an offense that should be better than they’ve shown under his guidance. (It could be worse, though. They could be the Jets.)


Sure, Joe Judge gets some blame for allowing Garrett to continue calling plays. If the Giants hope to turn this ship around, calling plays must be removed from Garrett’s plate. How Mr. 8-8 himself managed to pull this off indeed is astonishing. Talk about sleight of hand; Garrett takes that term to another level. The Giants and Cowboys are rivals in the same division, and they played Garrett’s underachieving teams for nine full seasons and half of another. Many of those Cowboys offenses were far more talented than this Giants team yet never could manage to get past the divisional round.

Garrett’s tenure in New York will go down as having been even worse than his failures in Dallas because this team won’t even sniff the playoffs with him running the offense. Daniel Jones can probably be a much better quarterback than we’ve seen. He’s thrown zero interceptions in three games. But only two touchdown passes. Get him with the right coaching staff, and you never know. The Giants haven’t been as poorly run over the past 40 years as the Jets, so I won’t use them and Sam Darnold as the example. But I’m sure you understand where I’m going with this.


I’ll even go as far as this where Garrett is concerned: Had Tony Romo been under the tutelage of a better coach, he’d be on his way to Canton. Even without a ring. I think Romo is close but will likely end up falling short. Had Jerry Jones opted to hold onto Sean Payton in 2006 and not let the New Orleans Saints lure him away, the fortunes of that franchise could have been drastically different over the past 15 years. And if that happens, Romo is a sure thing for the Hall of Fame.

It’s OK, Giants fans, because Garrett is going to be out soon. Judge is on the hot seat, and he may resist now, but he’ll make a change on offense before he loses his job. Whether Judge dismisses Garrett or just takes away play-calling duties, a change is needed in New York. Hell, hand it over to Freddie Kitchens. You may not win many more games, but anything has to be better than continuing with Garrett.