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The Extorted St. Louis Athlete Is... Ronnie Belliard

A little over a week ago, Will brought to your attention a mysterious unnamed player who was the target of an attempted extortion ... his identity was unknown at the time, and this story was a lot more fun then. The player is ... (drum roll)...

Ronnie Belliard. Awesome. I guess Vladimir Orszagh was too high-profile a target.


Belliard, a former Cardinals player and current all-around playa, says he's being extorted by the father of a woman who says Belliard knocked her up. Belliard, who is married with two kids, has a different version of things, though it doesn't really include a denial that he and this young lady engaged in a little bit of wick-dipping. From his lawyer:

"The events as they are told are completely unfounded. I have been working with the FBI from the onset in an attempt to apprehend this known extortionist and his daughter. In the end, my client will be vindicated and due to the continuing legal nature of this case, I have no further comments at this time."

I guess that's one way for a free agent to keep his name in the papers.

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