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Some new developments in the Duke lacrosse team case, which appears to have "tipped" in the last 24 hours; we just saw it featured on our local afternoon news, and we're nowhere near Durham.

The invaluable public servants at The Smoking Gun has found a copy of the search warrant North Carolina cops grabbed to investigate the house where the rape allegedly occurred. It includes the original police report, and we'll warn you: It's rather brutal. It also lists three people the woman is accusing of the crime by first name.

By the way, the Associated Press has found 15 players on the team had prior offenses, though none rose above the level of Drunken College Students. The team's captains released a statement yesterday saying the allegations were "totally and transparently false." And the police wait on DNA tests as protests, and fury, grows, not just in Durham, but around the country.

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Fifteen Players Had Priors [Journal Now]

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