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The Inside Story On Gilbert's Birthday Bash

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The big party last week was, not surprisingly, the big Gilbert Arenas birthday party, complete with ice sculpture, Clinton Portis and, of all people, Kissing Suzy Kolber's own Unsilent Majority. (Obviously, Agent Zero should be a bit more judicious with the guest list.) Unsilent spoke with Free Darko's Bethlehem Shoals about the ins-and-outs of the party.


Busta [Rhymes, we presume] just got out on bail and when he came out people were jacked up. I'm not sure he knew where he was. He kept telling us we were dressed too nice and we needed to get loud. And he kept wishing us a happy '07 like it was a New Year's party. Finally at the end, he wished Gil a happy birthday, and said "that mother[effer's] been puttin' some serious mother[effin'] points on that scoreboard."

Whenever I saw Gil he just looked like a kid in a candy store, as if he couldn't believe all of this was here for him. Every time he got around the crowd, people started the MVP chant. All of the other white dudes kept giving us the knowing head nod. Yeah ... we're white AND we're at Love!


This is pretty close to what our last birthday party was like, though rather than an ice sculpture, we had karaoke. That counts, right?

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