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The Jay Mariotti Chronicles Continue

You know, we apologize: We just can't help ourselves from making Jay Mariotti more famous. The Cubs' domination of the White Sox this weekend led to a full Paul Sullivan roundup in the Chicago Tribune, and it includes that great newspaper staple: The blind item!


We don't know for SURE whether or not Sullivan's talking about Mariotti here, but considering what has been going on lately, it certainly sounds like it.

Best media moment: A Sun-Times columnist asking security staffers Saturday to safeguard him from one of his colleagues, who asked for a conversation. Request denied.

As much as we might enjoy the mental image of Mariotti begging a security guard to protect from a snarling Carol Slezak, we worry it's not him: After all, that would require Mariotti actually attending the game. (A crime to which we gleefully plead guilty, as should Mariotti; come on, Jay, it's better at home, right? Admit it!)

The second-worst thing a lifelong newspaper sportswriter can do is become the person who grows to hate sports because they've covered it for so long. The worst is realize that and try to cash in on it. Jay Mariotti, ladies and gentlehumans.


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