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The Mayfields Take Their Crazy Feud Up A Notch

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Lisa Mayfield accused her NASCAR-driving stepson of being a meth head, so Jeremy Mayfield accused his stepmom of murdering his father. On Saturday, a crazy drunk woman was found trying to break into Jeremy Mayfield's house. Guess who?


Cops were called to Mayfield's property on Saturday night, after neighbors heard someone yelling and banging on the front door. When the arrived they found Lisa Mayfield, drunk as a skunk and threatening everyone in sight.

"According to the officers she was pretty high," Cook said. "The officers took her to jail on public assistance ... to make sure she didn't cause problems to anybody or herself.

The Mayfield Mom also allegedly kicked a couple of the neighbors, one of whom was pregnant, and threatened to come back and kill Jeremy's wife as the cops dragged her way. She was charged with public intoxication, simple assault, and second-degree trespassing. Mayfield still hasn't filed the wrongful death lawsuit that he claims will prove that Lisa killed his father (she has her own countersuit), but this drunken, violent rant won't add a ton of credibility to her claims about her stepson's meth habits.

There's only way to solve this dispute. A reality show. "Methin' With The Mayfields," Tuesday mornings at 4 a.m. on Versus.

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