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We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another.

It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Saturday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...


A Former "Friend" Of Tiger Steps Forward To Tell Us Stories About Tina Trahan

Dear deadspin,
Just became aware of your article with many falsehoods in it. For instance how did Tina meet Jerry or Tiger for that matter?? I know the truth. From the sound of the article, it sounds as if she wrote herself. For instance, she is NOT 39 years old, to start with. I have more info about this whole topic. But for the readers concern, except for in Tina's head she did not KNOW Tiger as much as she may have claimed or wants the world to believe. She even went as far as spreading the rumor that she attended his wedding.
If you want the whole story, let me know.

I wish to remain anonymous at this time.

I knew Tiger Woods way before -since 1997 to be exact. She was NEVER part of the inner circle or she would not be public now. She was hired as entertainment for a party when she met TW (have the pictures) and she latched onto Jerry as a way to get "in". The only girls she ever introduced to that whole crew, along with many other high end guys parties, are women who she made money on. So the first couple of lines of the article, she is not a madame (well she never had an official agency, but her job was the same) and VIP party planner-i guess that one fits also.
To sum it up, she is a professional girlfriend. Everyone who is around her supports her in some way financially. She also thinks she is a celebrity. I think she doesnt know the difference between her own lies (has a different story to everyone she speaks to) and the truth anymore. Simply put, she was never a friend of TW-just a hired hand, so to speak. She is far from a socialite as she would want everyone to believe. The high powered men she sees all think they are her one and only boyfriend, as she leads them to believe, yet they are one of many.
Her daughter born to a man who was already married with his own children, that she knew of before she got pregnant. She is for herself only and everyone around her is simply a means to her material end.
Anyone who is a true friend of TW wishes to remain anonymous and out of the spotlight. Friendship is more important than material gain for some of us who are not Tina/Pam/whatever other name she is throwing around these days. I hope my friend TW is able to come out of this situation a stronger, better person. My prayers are with him and his family.


Of course her name kept "popping up" that's all she does is name drop because she would tell everyone she even met for a moment how she KNEW TW instead of how she really was acquainted with his friends (hired for a friend's party). She is the reason her name kept "popping up". Like i said, she started the rumor that she actually attended the wedding to prompt her business, place in society. But for someone who knew him, he had no clue two years after she had a baby or that she even gave birth. A few years prior was the HBO guy...that's what she does is talk. If you ask any guy she was/is involved with they are convinced they KNOW her but half of them probably didnt even know her name till the article came out.
As far as talking, i am not really in a position to. I have a good reputation, a career and a life.If I become famous (even for 15 minutes) I'd like it to be for my own professinal accomplishments, not for knowing someone famous who is in a mess of their own. I regret ever allowing someone like Tina anywhere near my group of friends.
I know you make your living reporting, and these stories sell, but she is not story worthy.
From the sound of your article, you seem very kind in your portrayal of Tina. I wish you continued success in all your writing accomplishments and giving me the opportunity to speak to you.


Why Is This Woman So Interesting To People?

I read your article on Tina Trahan. f you want to know anything at all about this woman, call this number 847-xxx-xxxx. This is her closest closest friend from Chicago. Her name is Eileen. They are partners in crime and do everything together. She has kown her since they were young and travel all the time together.

Illustration for article titled The One Where People Clear The Air About Some Of Tiger Woods Female Acquaintances

I do have pictures of them hanging out with the entire Soprano cast and steven tyler and others. They used to hang outwith Frank Thomas and other athletes all the time. I attached a picture from her facebook.

If you talk to her, DO not tell her who gave you this info.

But Maybe She's Not That Interesting...


Saw your story on Tina Trahan. I've known her for the last 15 years, yes, she was engaged to Chris Albrecht, and while you got the part about Frank Thomas right also, you make her life sound a lot more interesting than it is. The other names you mentioned she knows only because of Frank, they're barely acquaintances. For those of us that know her, we've gotten a great laugh out of the really exciting life this story portrayed. Her relationship with Chris Albrecht ended in 2004 and she's been living with a hedge fund manager since then (who never worked for Goldman). This is a girl who watches DVR'd episodes of The Office every night and orders in food, not the jet-setter your source described. Just helping out with the facts. Email me if you want.


But So Many People Are Eager To Talk About Her...

Hi, I'm sure by now you have all you need on Tina Trahan but I was her live in nanny for 4 years. She fired me, but I know everything about her life because I lived it. I may need a job reference so I may or may not want to go on record but if you want to call me my # is (847) XXX-XXXX. I lived with her in Illinois and New York.- XXXXX


VERY Eager

I GOT SOME INFO ON HER like her boyfriends name adress what kind of car she has

And You Can Gchat Me As Well:

BOB: I need to put you in touch with my friend xxxx xxxx
he just did an interview with TMZ
2:28 PM me: Yes you do.
BOB: former football player at xxxx, he slept with one of Wood's girls
and has pictures of her on his cell phone
me: So he's selling them to them?
2:29 PM BOB: I'm not sure what the situation with the pictures is yet, but he's an old friend of mine
we go way back and i know he's got a story to tlel
me: Which girl, btw?
2:30 PM BOB: Jamie Juner
me: Ah.
2:31 PM BOB: If you want I'll put you two in touch
2:32 PM me: Yeah, why not. Don't know if I'll really use that but just for my own sake.
2:35 PM BOB: I gotta get you access to his facebook
xxxx looks like he's an extra on Jersey Shore


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