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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Small Child/Hockey Enforcer Fight Dynamic Has Spread From NHL To Skate Park

What we have here is not all that dissimilar to the great Derek "Blue Jacket" Dorsett vs. John "Blackhawk" Scott Ice Brawl of Feb. 18, that being small guy tempting his fisticuffs fate with big guy.

The camera turns about 10 seconds in. That's two seconds fewer than it took for one of the participant's ladyfriends to express her shame/denial/befuddlement about the situation, all while recording it for a wider viewing audience. But then, at the 0:45 mark, the sound of big-paw meat on lil-pea skull sums the situation up with Larry Merchant-esque élan.


To his credit, wee guy did not crumble. Small victories.

In other Tuesday Night Fights action:

• Here's what Eastern Europe becomes when Liam Neeson is off fighting wolves. This too.

• You know culture has taken a decidedly horrendous turn when even street pornographers aren't safe from the prospect of head fisting. To wit: "A team from, who take visitors on a guided tour through [Amsterdam] looking for their favorite girl, was attacked by an unknown number of hooligans while they were filming."

• Or when state senators and businessmen apparently get into brawls in the Niagara Falls area.


• Welcome to Philadelphia's Ben Franklin High School, where shit gets real*. (* in which real means "lady teacher gets caught up in the middle of a hallway fight.")

• "After a disagreement on an avenue of Itaquaquecetuba (SP), Gustavo Fernandes Filho climbed into a car to try and beat the driver of a bus. Furious, he did break a few glasses of collective hands. Not even the pleas of his wife and daughter could stop him. He only stopped with the arrival of police."


Your Jamaican Cat Fight Interlude:

• Australians at CBD Hungry Jacks: They're just like (those of) us (who like knocking people unconscious while waiting in line for food)!


• Also from the Foreign Desk: "Shoeshiners Fight Over a Customer in the Dominican Republic."

This lady-brawl in a Detroit casino went exactly as you'd expect it to, up to and including a videographer who didn't hold his cell-phone properly to enable maximum viewing enjoyment.


• Big girls. Flying fists. Bourbon Street. Action.

• And Young Ladies Brawling On A Front Lawn Set To Something That Sounds Like A Musical Sade But Not Really.


• Let's check in on the Motor City Casino brawl, shall we?

Your Persians Brawling In The Woods Set To A House-Music Soundtrack:

• He got KTFO.

• Here is the requisite Houston bar parking-lot kerfuffle video of the week.

• Here's some lady talking about the Haye/Chisora incident.

South Side San Jose High School Fights With Take Downs Rule.

Your White Bros Fight In The Snow And Part As Friends Coda:

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