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The Time Aaron Hernandez Peed On A Cab And Told Off A Reporter

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The MMQB's Greg Bedard, who was a Boston Globe reporter on the Patriots beat during the seasons that Aaron Hernandez was on the team, has written an essay about his time spent covering Hernandez, and it includes one scene that begins with Hernandez pissing all over a running taxi cab and ends with the big tight end screaming, "You're not my dad!" in Bedard's face.


This went down at the 2013 scouting combine in Indianapolis. Bedard had heard whispers that Hernandez was in town to request a trade because he was feeling threatened by a gang in Bristol, Conn., but Bedard was never able to confirm that was the reason for Hernandez's trip to Indiana. Bedard did see Hernandez out a bar, though, at which point this happened:

That was the extent of our interaction until later that night, when I looked out the front window of the bar and saw Hernandez urinating on a running taxi cab, with the driver yelling at him. All I could think was, Great, Hernandez is going to get in trouble, and I'm going to have to write about this nonsense. I asked a confidant of his if he might want to go get his friend. "He won't listen to me," the confidant said, "so why don't you go get him?"

For some reason I didn't think this to be unreasonable. I went outside, walked up to Hernandez and suggested he should probably use the restroom inside unless he wanted to get arrested. No response. Then I lightly touched his elbow to guide him back into the bar and said, "Aaron, come on. This is stupid." At that point Hernandez whipped around, got in my face, unleashed a stream of expletives and concluded, "I'm not a child! You're not my dad!"

I replied, "Well, you're acting like a child right now. Fine, do what you want to do." Then I went back inside and joined some friends at a table.


Hernandez eventually came back inside, made nice with Bedard, and admitted that he'd been lobbying the Patriots' coaches to make him a full-time wide receiver. Later that year, he allegedly murdered someone.

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