The Trick Shot Controversies Continue

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The semantics battle between trick-shot crews continues today after news surfaced of a third claimant to the "world's farthest/longest/other synonym" shot title. Meet the corn-pone spitfires that make up the East Side trick-shot crew.


They have normal enough names but also go by pseudonyms like "The Joker" and send emails with the subject line "world's farthest shot - wrong, here it is." Emails that sound like they were written in a haste while the authorities were bearing down. Emails like:

A guy I work, Joe Keene, with made it onto Sports Nation a couple weeks ago with a farther shot, off the top of a silo.

here is the shot on you tube.

it is about 2 minutes in, before that is all the other crazy shots they did.

Also to note, the ball Joe used was fully inflated, the balls used by "The Legendary Shots" appear to not be.

Please set the record straight.

I have to give credit to the East Side crew—though what are they east of exactly?—for sharing with us the number of attempts to hit their—possibly—record breaking shot. Credit that they immediately lose for using "Livin' On A Prayer" for their mix-tape. Far too incongruous for my tastes.