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So, the next nine days will be chock full of end-of-year retrospectives. We'll do our own as well. Today: Bill Simmons

In 2008, the Sports Fella shifted from Deadspin punching bag to ESPN sword rattler (and contributor!) thanks to his constant philosophical battles with his employer. Will Simmons saves his mortal soul in 2009? Will he punch Reilly in the face in Tampa at the Super Bowl? Here's a rundown of all that transpired in the Sports Guy's world this year:


Groused about "promises not kept" to Leitch and started his own "Sports Guy Unplugged" site
Insulted by Rick Reilly
Had Obama podcast canceled by ESPN
Took some time off to read, write, reflect
Kindly asked to keep adult entertainers away from his fantasy league
Tells some people he quit podcast
Goes public against ESPN
Starts name-dropping
Conspiracy theorized

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