There's More Video Of That Rex And Rob Ryan Bar Scuffle

The Nashville restaurant scuffle that resulted in a simple assault complaint against the Ryan brothers has some new evidence.


TMZ shared a video taken from inside the restaurant that appears to show what happened before Rob Ryan reached for that guy’s neck. The man in the blue shirt is Matt Havel, who later filed a report with police alleging the Ryan brothers assaulted him. The man in the green shirt is Rob Ryan’s son, Matt. The identity of the woman sitting between Havel and Rex is not known.

The group seems to be chatting and boozing amicably as some dude strums out Kenny Rogers’s “The Gambler” right next to them. Then, at the 35-second mark, Rex appears to get angry as Rob reaches across the table to smack Havel in his shoulder. Rex grabs a margarita and stands up, and he looks like he’s about to toss it in Havel’s face before thinking better of it. The woman is knocked from her chair before walking into Rex’s arm as she tries to get out of harm’s way, spilling a little bit of the drink.