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This Manchester United Goal Ruined Luis Suárez's Liverpool Return

Manchester United hosted Liverpool in England's League Cup this afternoon, and even though the tournament isn't too much of a priority for either team, both managers decided to field nearly full-strength sides to oust their rivals. It was also star Liverpool striker's Luis Suárez's first action with the club since last season, when he was suspended 10 matches for biting.

The match itself was exciting for the most part, but sloppy, with both teams missing chances. Even though Luis Suárez hadn't played for the Reds in months, he was allowed to train with the club and got a few matches in with Uruguay, so he wasn't too rusty. He was active and dangerous throughout the match, but his final product sucked a lot. In fact, both teams, likely still tired from the weekend, kind of sucked, save for one moment seconds after halftime.


United won a corner to start the second half, and Wayne Rooney whipped a ball into the goalmouth. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard missed the header to clear at the near post, and Mexican international Javier Hernández was able to sneak across left back José Enrique to volley the cross into the back of the net for the lead.

Chicharito's goal was enough, and United went on to win, 1-0. They'll play Premier side Norwich in the next round.

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