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A quick, gruesome recap of the maladies Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis has suffered: he’s torn his right ACL three times (no other player in NFL history has come back from three such tears on the same knee), he dislocated his finger then relocated it and made a tackle all on the same play, and he broke his arm in last weekend’s NFC Championship game. Pretty much every NFL player plays through injuries almost every game, but nobody has slogged through such a series of devestating knee problems like Davis has. He’s a tough dude.

It’s no surprise then that he intends to play in Super Bowl 50 despite the amount of metal in his arm from a surgery he had on Monday. How much metal does he have? Well, as he told the NFL Network:

“A plate and probably around 11 or 12 screws in my arm right now,” Davis added. “It is what it is.”


All signs seem to indicate he’ll play, and coach Ron Rivera didn’t even resort to gamesmanship, writing the issue off as an inevitability:

“It’s not really a question of trying. I don’t think anyone thinks he won’t.”

Thankfully for Davis, he’ll be going after a quarterback with plenty of injuries of his own.

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