Tiger Woods Wins First Tournament Since 2013

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With a score of -11 after the final day of play on Sunday, Tiger Woods earned himself a two-stroke win in the Tour Championship, the final individual tournament of this season’s PGA calendar. It was his first tournament win since the 2013 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, with a lifetime’s worth of health problems and grim news in between.

Tiger’s victory wasn’t especially dramatic, even though his lead shrunk as the day went on. More memorable than any particular shot he made was the sight when he approached the 18th green, as a massive number of fans trailed behind him to catch a glimpse of the winning putt.


It’s been just 17 months since Woods had spinal fusion surgery, which was his fourth back surgery, and even more recently he was arrested for DUI and checked himself into a rehab center. Less than a year ago, it was perfectly reasonable and smart to believe that Tiger would never be competitive in a PGA tournament again. Next year’s goal: win his first major since 2008.