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Tim Legler, Apparently, Has Groupies

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We've always heard all kinds of rumors about ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler and his overeager enjoyment of the ladies — as if there's any other kind! — but it appears now the "problem" is such that he's even crossing over into the gossip rags. (He's pictured here, by the way, at the Coyote Ugly saloon in San Antonio; you can find some shots right here.)

Anyway, Legler apparently was "partying" — as much as retired 3-point specialists can "party" — at New York City hotspot Home the other night and ended up with a drink in his face. (A vodka tonic, to be exact.) Page Six reports:

Tim was doused with a drink by a girl who caught him cheating on her red-handed," claimed our spy. "She confronted him, there was a shouting match, then threw a full vodka and tonic in his face, then stormed out."


In another example of why working in PR is the worst job in the world, a poor ESPN spokesperson was trotted out and propped up to say, "Tim said he did not get a drink thrown in his face that night, but he did have a discussion with a girl there." He then crawled back in the bathroom, stared in the mirror for an hour and wondered why, exactly, he didn t listen to his mom when she told him to keep his summer job working at the feed store in the town square. "There s always work in corn," she d told him. But he just didn t listen.

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