Tonight Is The One Year Anniversary Of Bissinger Vs. Leitch

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Last year at this time, our floppy-haired hero Emeritus was just coming off a wicked raisin binge for his big appearance on "Costas Now." Look how far we've come.


We're still living in the Post-Bissinger days of yore for sports blogging. For all of his bluster that night from that tiny leather chair, the only thing he managed to do was make sports blogs more popular, coin the phrase "pisses the shit out of me," and introduce thousands of unsuspecting middle-aged suburbanites to the genius of Big Daddy Balls. In the coming months, Buzz went on a contrition tour with seemingly every local radio station out there, made peace with Leitch/Drew, got tossed out of college baseball game for fighting an usher, then lost to a tubby baby with a fake mustache for SHOTY. But he managed to gain Hall Of Fame enshrinement.


And Leitch? Last year at this time he was on HBO, this year he's doing Bleep Bloop Blaseball. Progress.


Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Let's end the day with what is legitimately the best thing to come out of that unholy event, SKEETS' roast.