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Track Athlete Blamed "Frequent And Passionate" Kissing For Failed Drug Test

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In June, an independent arbitrator cleared U.S. track athlete Gil Roberts of wrongdoing after he tested positive for a banned substance in March, though few details of the case were made public. Now, thankfully, the USADA has released the report in all its glory for our collective enjoyment and knowledge.

Roberts said his girlfriend, Alex Salazar, had been given medicine to treat a sinus infection while she was visiting India. She continued taking the medicine, which contained the masking agent probenecid, when she returned to the U.S., and Roberts said bouts of intense smooching caused him to test positive. From the report:


The kissing excuse isn’t new. Canadian pole vaulter Shawn Barber blamed his positive drug test before the 2016 Olympics on kissing a woman who had consumed cocaine, and in 2009, tennis player Richard Gasquet said he was partying and kissed a woman with cocaine on her lips.


In Robert’s case though, the smooch defense kind of sounds like the truth.


May the passion never die.

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