Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Crazy fight in downtown Houston!!!" Tonight's commentator: best-selling author and SI.com contributor Jeff Pearlman, a one-time virgin, and bane of John Rocker, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds fans everywhere.

Somewhat recently, I was speaking with a peer of mine about Albert Belle, the former Cleveland Indians outfielder who—to be 100 percent honest—used to scare the living crap out of me.

I was a young Sports Illustrated writer, skinny and gangly and owner of a 0-1 lifetime schoolyard fight record. Belle was a snarling, angry, enormous bull who could kill me with his toenail. He was, often, threatening, and when I walked past his locker, my pace always went from walk to steady jog.

That said, Albert Belle in a leg cast would have been an entirely different scenario.

Leg casts are the destroyers of toughness. A. Because they slow you down; B. Because they reveal genuine vulnerability. If you're wearing a leg cast, you're neither Superman nor Captain America. Hell, you're not even Super Dave. You're just some fool who—clearly—can be injured.

That's what baffles me about this video. Sure, the shirtless dude is flabby and unimposing; a poor man's Steve Zouski (Writer's note: If a guy is walking around downtown—any downtown—without a shirt, never bet on him to win anything. A fight, a skipping contest. Never). But—Jesus friggin' Jesus—his attacker is wearing a thick black cast all along his right leg. Literally, something inside of that thing is broken.

In my mind, I can hear Mickey screaming at the Rock between rounds—"He's got a fucking broken right leg! I'm yer manager—go after the leg! Go after the fucking leg!" I can hear John Kreese calmly telling Johnny, "Sweep the leg, boy. Sweep his broken right leg." Or, put differently: Mike Tyson with a broken right leg doesn't get beyond one round against Sterling Benjamin. Hell, the fight doesn't even happen.

So what does Flabby Guy do when, come 50 seconds into the brawl, he grabs the metal cane from Leg Man? Absolutely nothing. He backs up and backs up and backs up and backs up, until the whole thing becomes a horror flick cliché—slow, steady killer methodically works his way toward the victim.

The poor schlub never had a chance.

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