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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

UCF Pre-Med Coed Propositions Dwight Howard

These girl-propositions-an-athlete videos are becoming a bit of an epidemic, aren't they? Today we have Margo. She is a junior at the University of Central Florida who dreams to one day be a pediatrician. And has she got a deal for Dwight Howard. Margo admits to stealing the idea from our sorority girl friend, but she doesn't want a date. She wants straight cash, homey.


The stakes are simple, if accepted: if Margo beats Dwight, superman must pay for her college education. If Dwight wins, "he can pick something for me to do." Margo offers helpful suggestions, such as painting herself blue or washing all of Dwight's cars. Right.


Ball's in your court, Dwight.

h/t Sweaterpunch

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