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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Vikings Safety Andrew Sendejo Has A Not-So-Subtle Message For The NFL
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The NFL rulebook is absolutely riddled with confounding and indecipherable rules, but I can’t remember one eliciting such strong reactions from players as the league’s doomed new helmet rule. Players have essentially been told that they can no longer tackle the same way they’ve been tackling through their entire football-playing lives, and they are understandably confused and angry about this. It looks like you can count Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo among the angry:


We’ve gone on and on about the helmet rule here, but I really don’t think its potential effect on the game can be overstated. If it’s applied during the regular season with anything close to the stringency that we saw during last night’s preseason game, then we are headed for one disastrous year. There might be a full player revolt by Week 4.

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