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Viva Los Rodmanos!

From the What Could Possibly Go Wrong? file comes today's fun bit from the world of semi-professional basketball: Dennis Rodman is close to signing a contract with the ABA's Tijuana Dragons. Rodman is 44 years old but doesn't look a day over 13. Our love for the ABA is well-documented, and even though the Tijuana season supposedly starts in November, their schedule isn't set and they're still not sure if they have any clean towels. Honestly, the ABA is run out of a boiler room in the basement of some junior high school.


We were playing around the official Tijuana Dragons Web site and couldn't make heads or tails of much of anything ... until we realized, hey, that's in Spanish! El Equipo! El Calendario De Juegos! Rimrockers de Arkansas Campe
n! We don't know what any of that means! Wee!

Not that it'll matter for Rodman, who has a small-press book to promote and all kinds of ex-wives to support. Which means, of course, an ABA career was the only real choice he had, since Double Team didn't catch on the way we were hoping it would, since it included one of our favorite bad-movie lines: "There's nothing wrong with stepping on a mine. It's stepping off that counts." Totally!

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Tijuana Dragons [Official Site]

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