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Watch, As Odell Thurman's Career Evaporates

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In case you haven't quite had your fill of the Odell Thurman EXTREME DUI story, the Cincinnati Enquirer has your back this morning: Exclusive video of Odell's actual arrest.


If you've ever been pulled over and taken a sobriety test — which we have, and we passed, thank you very much; we were just speeding — this video will bring back some haunting memories; saying the alphabet backwards is really hard. We remain impressed by this video and its hypnotic, droning nature, and not just because the arresting officer looks just as big, if not bigger, than Thurman. (Hell, the Bengals could sign him, if he weren't so damned committed to law and order.) Even though you can't, sadly, see Chris Henry vomiting out the window, it's worth a viewing just to hear the tone in his voice in the moment that Thurman realizes that this evening is going to turn out quite differently than he had expected, and he's pretty much just screwed. "And the other guys in the car are worse than he is."

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