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We Can't Imagine What He Thought She Did Wrong

In a quiet piece of news that has received a strange lack of notice, Cowboys wide receiver / cutter Terrell Owens fired his publicist Kim Etheredge yesterday.

Most remember Ms. Etheredge from her famous "There are 25 million reasons for Terrell to be alive" comment from her press conference after Owens' supposed suicide attempt last September. The comment somehow made Owens look worse, and man, that's tough to do. We remember Etheredge mostly for the ethical dilemma she faced when she found Owens "overdosing" on pain pills; it reminded us that being a publicist is sometimes the exact opposite of being a human being.


Either way, Owens canned her yesterday, and all told ... it would pretty tough to debate that decision. As we said the day of Owens' "suicide attempt:" "If [the overdose] really was just an allergic reaction, and the only reason anybody is saying 'depression' and 'suicide' is because she told the police that ... heavens, there has never, ever been a worse publicist than Kim Etheredge." We still think Owens tried to commit suicide — it's the most logical conclusion from the facts — but we still think there might have never been a worse publicist than Kim Etheredge.

Though we did find this quote from Pegasus News amusingly offensive: "I bet you could find 5.15 reasons to hire Kim Etheredge."

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