You might remember, from a couple months ago, that famous eBay auction in which we discovered that Barbaro lives on forever through snack food. To remind, from the seller:

I couldn't eat him. It wouldn't be right. Everybody loves Cheetos, but we love Barbaro even more. I don't know what made me look at this one before I ate it, know it sounds crazy, but I'm sure I heard Barbaro neighing in my ear. He sounded a little horse, but it was loud enough for me stop eating and look at him. The rest is history and now we can share him with the world! Please do not bid unless you are serious about taking care of Barbaro. Barbaro probably would like to hang around a while longer—NEIGH, HE SAYS HE WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER! So its up to you to make it happen. He needs to be mounted in a place of honor in a good, stable home.

Well — and this probably shouldn't have surprised us — one Deadspin reader who wishes to remain anonymous won the auction and, last week, mailed us the sacred finger food. We are proud to report that we can feel the spirit of Barbaro in the Cheeto, and that he will live on, safely, with us. We will never let harm befall him. Unless we run out of Bagel Bites, in which case, anything goes.


But yes: The Barbaro Cheeto has been secured. Crunch, hoof, crunch!

Barbaro Lives On Through Snack Food [Deadspin]

(Close up shot of the Cheeto after the jump.)