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Week In Deadspin: All Terrell, All Carl, All The Time

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Anybody hear any Terrell Owens news this week?
• Good night, completely useless, prohibitively expensive and arrogant mobile phone.
Heads up!
That it does, friend, that it does.
• We'll never forget you, Janky Spanky.
My Lord, there's a beetle in my brain!
"Thick in the britches."
Not even Jesus is a match for the Madden Curse.
• Where would we be without the Bengals? Seriously? Where?
• Jason Whitlock is lucky to be alive.
• Hey, everything's cool in New Orleans now. Nice.
• "You're the investigative reporter, Carl: You tell me."


This is one of those weekends when you realize that sports cause nothing from pain: We can just tell.

The Mighty MJD will be around to document it all for you ... and we'll back on Monday, doing our very best not to cry.

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