Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Week In Deadspin: Friends In High Places

• Boy, do we have some athlete run-in stories for you.

• What's funnier than Jeremy Shockey celebrating way too early? Not much.

• Hey, Michael Irvin and his "friend" had himself an active week. To be fair, we're always getting arrested around Thanksgiving ourselves.

• Hmm ... what's Chad Johnson up to this weekend?

I - L - L!!!!

• Where all 40 bucks of "Cold Pizza"'s ad dollars are really going.

• Funny, our mom wants us to dump her ashes at a Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Jake Plummer, Gay Icon.

• A list of all that you might hate about ESPN, and much, much more.

• Well, at least Steven A. Smith didn't make the calls himself.

• You favorite sportswriters, all wrapped up in their binkies.


Oh, and we said goodbye to Oddjack and shamelessly tried to hawk our book, to our own detriment. Have a nice weekend, everyone. Do try and stay out of trouble.


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