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• It turned out not to be the best of weeks for Harold Reynolds.
• Hee hee. Jockeys running. Hee hee.
• Floyd Landis has had a busy seven-day stretch.
• We're dangerously close, folks, to "You're With Me, Leather" night at the ole ballpark.
• AJ Hawk and his contractually convenient morals.
• It's a chorizo world. We're just living in it.
• Stephen A. Smith says "my bad." (Kinda.)
• We have decided we're the star of our own fake baseball league too! Yeah!
• You know, for $25 more and a week longer, you could have just bought the game.
• We finally got video of Monday-Cooper II.
Barbaro slash fiction. Yeah, you heard us.
• Ain't no party like a Huey Lewis party 'cause a Huey Lewis party don't stop.
• For some of the comments after the Harold Reynolds story, ya'll totally deserved this picture.

That'll do it for us, folks. The Mighty MJD will be poking around these parts all weekend, so email him your tips and thoughts and what-not. As always, we'll be hiding from our computer all weekend. Enjoy yourself out there; we'll see you Monday.