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Week In Deadspin: So, What's Everybody Up To Tomorrow Afternoon?

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• We still can't believe this YWML reference on "Las Vegas" actually happened.
The coolest cheerleader we've seen outside of Tampa bars.
• We continue to wait for ESPN Blogs.
• No tickets for Nickelback? Come on!
The Lego Ohio Stadium.
• Look, an intern!
Jemele Hill debuts at Page 2.
• The Mets will play in "Citifield," and everyone's so excited about it the Times is quoting Deadspin commenters in their stories.
• Nice to see O.J. getting work.
• Stop Bob Knight before he kills again!
• Leon Washington has some thoughts about your football cards.
• Saying goodbye to Bo Schembechler.
• Would you believe this is what started the Pistons-Pacers fight?
I am Emmitt's empty sense of competition.
• The Roethlisberger-Mikulik matchup is awfully close, and polls are still open.


That'll do it for us, kids. The Mighty MJD will be here to take you through the madness that is tomorrow's game — we're referring of course to Illinois-Northwestern — and the rest of the weekend. It should be, uh, worth keeping an eye on. We'll be back Monday to recap it all. Be safe out there.

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