This was a pretty hilariously awful sign posted during last night's TCU trouncing of BYU, where students name-dropped the spooky El Dorado church compound raids in order to intimidate the supposedly up-and-coming Cougars. It worked, obviously. So, there will be a couple of announcements on Monday. Nothing too major, some obvious stuff, and a couple of commenting adjustments that will surely make you angry. Hopefully not. But there's a great weekend of sports afoot and luckily you'll have Marcel Mutoni and Gourmet Spud to guide you through the eventual BCS upsets and the Red Sox/Rays Game Six. If there is a Game Seven, super live-blogger boom-diggity Matt Sussman has promised he'll remove himself from the hyperbaric chamber to let his fingers relay the madness. Oh. Stories this week: • Rick gets yelled at by a man who could rip out his kidneysWill tells us all about his birthday. And politics. Oh, and the NFL.Scoop Jackson insults the massesBig Wang's bans Dodger gearThe Cowboys make some movesRangers prospect dies on benchBig Brown bids adieu • And, of course, your National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies: WHY CAN'T US? Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Enjoy the weekend. I'll be back with another of those block rockin' SKEETS, on Monday.