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Week In Review: Sixteen Candles

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Screw off, Selig.
• Good night, George Solomon.
• Rough week for Ron Borges.
No guns at Miami? Wha?
• We're wearing one of these right now.
Competitive wanking.
• Billy Packer minister of information.
Father knows best.
• Speaking of which, Tom Brady, hitting open receivers.
• Peyton Manning claims this wasn't a Sweet 16 party; we continue to hear otherwise. Nothing to be embarrassed about, man!
• See you, "Cold Pizza."


All right, this was kind of a calm before the Nor'easter week, with the insanity of the tournament kicking in come Sunday. The Mighty MJDwill guide you through the weekend, and then, after the pairings are announced, our massive preview will start rolling out, Monday. Meanwhile, we're going to be spending next in Austin, Texas, at South By Southwest. It's our first-ever visit to the grand state of Texas, and we're going to do everything in our power not to get arrested. So we'll see you Monday, when all this NCAA stuff gets started and the world turns upside down.

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