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Weird, Roger Goodell Isn't Attending The Patriots Game In Foxboro

Photo: Julie Jacobson/AP

Roger Goodell has gone to playoff games in Seattle, Atlanta, and Kansas City this season. The two conference championship games before the Super Bowl will be Packers-Falcons in Atlanta and Steelers-Patriots in Foxboro. The NFL commissioner will choose the option which allows him to be booed and berated less.


Goodell hasn’t been at a Patriots home game since before the contentious legal battle that was Ballghazi, which made everyone ball-crazy and ended with a federal appeals court reinstating quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, served at the beginning of this season. For some reason, the man who refused to have his power jeopardized—and wouldn’t back down until his justice was delivered, even if it meant turning a team’s on-field infraction into an enormous, yearlong joke at the league’s expense—doesn’t want to be surrounded by fans of that team. Odd.

If the Patriots beat the Steelers and then win the Super Bowl, someone has to hand the trophy to them. Goodell can figure that out should that scenario play out, but Troy Vincent should free up his schedule, just in case.

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