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Well Hello There Stinky Britches!

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Okay, so I'm this internet creature known as Cajun Boy and I'm guest-editing this here site today. Perhaps you've seen me around on Gawker, Animal, my dumb blog, my dumb Twitter, etc. Also, I got my first tattoo last night!

Yep, it took me some 30-odd years to break down and get inked, but I finally did and went with the ole fleur-de-lis to show solidarity with my heritage and favorite pro football team. I figure that even if Tom Benson moves the team to LA in 5 years to play in the soon-to-be-built Ed Hardy stadium, it's something I won't regret having when I'm an old man, unlike the Tweety Bird tattoos my high school friends all got on their ankles way back when. Daulerio, he of the buzzsaw tattoo mere inches from his asshole, tried to talk me out of it on Thursday night, but I was undeterred! So there.


Anyway, I loathe Nick Saban with the intensity of a million white-hot suns and believe Tim Tebow to be the Antichrist. With that said, let's have a lovely Saturday, shall we?

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