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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, everybody's second-favorite Korea, hasn't won any new medals since we last checked in. But that hasn't stopped the state-run news agency from reporting breathlessly on their Olympic success.


Today's coverage tends toward the meta—first, an article on how the world media is covering North Korea.

Athletes of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have become a focus of world media for their good results in London Olympiad.

Reuters, BBC and other media of UK and media of China, Russia, the United States, Japan and other countries have introduced DPRK athletes' achievements in the Olympic Games.


Those media said that the secret of the DPRK athletes' victory is deep concern of leader Kim Jong Il and strength, courage and deep trust from the dear respected Kim Jong Un.

I don't remember saying that.

The second article is just rubbing it in, comparing pre-games medal forecasts with North Korea's impressive haul.

The U.S. newspaper USA Today, Australian newspaper Herald Sun and other Western media guessed that only Kim Un Guk among DPRK athletes would snatch a silver medal in London.

But, the DPRK garnered three gold medals as of today, one in women's judo and another two in men's weightlifting.

Media of south Korea and the world said that the world's attention is focused on the successes by the DPRK delegation of 56 athletes and they are making a rush of wind in the London Olympics.

Their successes represent the inexhaustible strength of the DPRK, which can never be gauged by the Western view of value and criterion.


I think we all just got told.

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