When Jobas Collide: Fake And Real Chamberlains Set For Historic Meeting

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So the New York Post is setting up a meeting between our fake Joba Chamberlain — Jersey Shore resident Ryan Ward — and the real Joba on Friday at Yankee Stadium (Joba Chamberlain quote: "I want to know what was going on in his head"). And just like in The Prince and the Pauper, we'll no doubt soon see the real Joba wandering the streets of Jersey propositioning bartenders, while Ward starts on the mound against Tampa Bay. Couldn't hurt on either count, I suppose. Ward of course got arrested for his little scam in which he claims to have slept with 60 to 100 women while posing as Chamberlain, and is possibly facing jail time. So he did what you and I would do under such circumstances: Go to Howard Stern for help. He appeared on Stern's show on Monday in search of an attorney (audio right here).

Besides rehashing everything from Saturday’s story in the New York Post (including the part where he bedded between 60-100 women), Fake Joba also relays some new information including: • Fake Joba is actually a Phillies fan born in Wilmington, DE. • Fake Joba is going to have a face-to-face meeting with Real Joba on Friday at Yankee Stadium. Not surprisingly, the New York Post put this together for a follow-up piece.

Meanwhile, my attempts to get women while posing as Giants' pitcher Gino Espineli is still stalled at zero. Fake Joba Is A Phillies Fan, Goes On Howard Stern [The Fightins] Summer Of Scam [New York Post]