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When Rocky Breaks Hank Aaron's Record, Then We'll Be Worried

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So, you know how Australian authorities were investigating Sylvester Stallone and his posse — as much of a posse as a 60-year-old man can have — for having all that HGH with them? Well, he has now officially been charged. And just in time for the DVD release!

The hormone is officially considered a performance-enhancing drug in Australia and it cannot be imported without a permit from the government. The maximum penalty for bringing it into Australia illegally is a fine of $86,000 and five years in prison. Stallone is unlikely to face the maximum penalty.


You know, at this rate, if Stallone can keep up this pace of HGH usage, in 10 years, we're gonna have Rocky VII, with Rocky taking one punch to his elephantine cranium and his brain spilling out all over the canvas. And then he'll pick it up, place it back in and win yet another battle for America.

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