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Where Is Washington's GM Today?

We’re in Day 2 of free agency—Washington needs a receiver now that Pierre Garcon is leaving for San Francisco—and Skins general manager Scot McCloughan is not at the team facility today. Again.

Yesterday, he was spotted walking his dog:


Today, a tipster spotted him at the Whole Foods in Ashburn, Va.:

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(The photo’s metadata confirmed it was taken this morning. The tipster said McCloughan was “on the phone the whole time smiling and laughing.”)

This would all be weird if the Skins hadn’t been keeping McCloughan away from the team for months now, including at the Senior Bowl and the Combine. The officially cited reason has been family issues—a 100-year-old grandmother who died a full month ago.

One strong theory has Dan Snyder trying to get McCloughan to resign rather than fire him, because then Snyder wouldn’t have to pay him the remainder of his contract. (It would not be the first time Snyder did exactly that.) That theory gets a little stronger with this report from CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora:

According to numerous league sources, and several who have been in contact with Allen and/or the owner, the team’s brass has been entertaining new options for general manager for quite some time. They have had internal discussions about the next GM, and essentially have begun the process.


If McCloughan’s off enjoying time with his dog and getting some shopping done, that might be because he functionally doesn’t work for the Skins anymore. Though he’s still getting paid by them. Good for him.

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