Facebook Data has been following the World Cup with a lot of fun facts gleaned from personal information and whatnot. Here, they found a pretty cool thing, being which countries elongate their GOALs on Facebook the most.

On the map above, you can see all the countries broken down into quarters. The U.S. is in the upper-middle quarter, while the heavy hitters are basically all of Central and South America and then some stray countries in Africa and Europa—France being a bit confusing in that bunch. Australia and India really hate goals, and China's social media crowd isn't on Facebook, and is plotting our financial destruction while we occupy ourselves with some soccer games.

The other fun bit that came out today was that of the five goals that made people write Facebook posts the most (which is an, uh, weird metric for this), four are Neymar goals. (On top was Chicharito Hernandez's goal to go up 3-0 over Croatia.) The takeaway here, I think, is that people on Facebook do not actually care about goals, but they really love Neymar.

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