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After what had been a considerable hiatus, our boy Bill Simmons is cranking out his Curious Guy segments like crazy these days. We had David Stern just a week ago, and now, punching back in his weight class, he banters with "The Tipping Point" author Malcolm Gladwell for, let's see, 5,000 words ... and it's only Part I!

The piece, as usual, is a mutual backrub, but it's an entertaining read, if just because Gladwell is an excellent writer (even if not everyone agrees.) But enough of that. Let's get to the real question: Who would win in a fight? Previously in our Simmons fight series, the guy has lost heavily to Mark Cuban but gave Isiah Thomas a tougher battle than we expected. We actually think he might have a chance here.


You can vote below; polls will be open until noon tomorrow. Should be a tight one.

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