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Why Do We Consider The NFL Fun Again?

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Anyone who watched the NFL last season ended up captivated by two charismatic, outsized personalities: Clinton Portis and Chad Johnson. Every week, each did something creative, original and undeniably fun; we found ourselves rooting for their on-field exploits much more than we would have otherwise. And their dances and costumes didn't distract us from the greatness of the game at all; if anything, it enhanced it. A player enjoying playing the game they love, and sharing that joy with the fans. It's one of the things that makes sports great.

This, of course, cannot stand in the NFL. The NFL competition committee — headed by Titans coach Jeff Fisher, whose mustache, as far as we're concerned, is far more offensive than anything Chad Johnson has ever done — is recommending owners vote to limit end-zone celebrations after touchdowns. The rule change, which is expected to be approved, would "prohibit going to the ground to celebrate; forbid using the ball as a prop or anything else. You can still spike, dunk (or) spin the football." In other words, no wearing of deer carcass, no proposing to cheerleaders and no mocking of Brian Urlacher's paternity suits.


The ball is not to be used as a prop, because the ball is sacred, the ball is sacrosanct, the ball is life.

Sheesh.Talk about sticks in the rectal cavity. Tell 'em, Chad! "Of course you cannot stop someone as creative as me. How can this bother someone as creative as me?"

Preach on, Chad. Preach. On.

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