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Why Won't Anyone Believe Michael Vick?

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It's one thing when police, cynical bloggers and suspicious journalists don't believe you when you say you had nothing to do with the dogfighting ring that's housed in your name. It's another entirely when your own (anonymous) friends don't believe you.


Yep, the walls are beginning to crumble around Michael Vick right now.

While the sources spoke on the condition that their names not be used due to their relationship with Vick, two of them said they were convinced the quarterback has been involved with the illegal dog-fighting ring that authorities believe they discovered last month while conducting a drug raid on a house Vick owns in Smithfield, Va. Authorities found nearly 70 dogs and various items associated with dog fighting. Vick has maintained that a cousin lives at the house and that he was unaware pit bulls were being kept on the premises.

"He knows what's going on in that house in Virginia,'' one source said. "There's not a doubt in my mind he's involved with it.'' The other source cited Vick's longtime "affinity'' for the dog-fighting subculture, and expressed certainty that Vick was aware of what was happening at the house.


You know, we're starting to think that Mr. Mexico needs a calming, stabilizing influence in his life, someone to take him aside and explain to him that his life and career are careening out of control. Maybe a wise, logical, cautious person ... heck, maybe a family member!

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