Your morning roundup for March 6, a day of toeing the "No shark's fin soup, you're cheap" classist line.

• A Sunday think-piece from Australia ponders whether the Kournikovacation of women's surfing is a good thing. It quotes Jamie Mather, 19, who thinks the sport has become prettier on a variety of levels.

"They're surfing a lot more powerfully and with style. A few years ago they were ugly and weak. You could tell they were a female surfer. ... Previously, it was the more butch and not good-looking ones who were winning." [Courier Mail]

• Though Duke was the No. 4 team in the country, they finished second in the ACC thanks to last night's 81-67 road loss to the Tarheels. [Herald-Sun]


• KCTV5 in Kansas City and CBS affiliates in Columbia and Springfield, Mo. have their almost-Heidi moment. Late in the second half of the Kansas/Missouri Border War, they switched over to the start of the Michigan-Michigan State game, so viewers missed a failed Missouri comeback. [The Missourian]

Jerry Caraccioli, executive director of communications for CBS Sports in New York, told The Star on Saturday that the problem was "a combination of sunspots and a satellite transponder issue." []

New Jersey Nets 137, Toronto Raptors 136. Triple OT, London. []

NASCAR garage fight lands driver Robby Gordon on probation and Kevin Conway, who's suing Gordon for $27K earned through the Sprint Cup rookie of the year award, referring questions to the Las Vegas Police Department. [FoxSports]


• Two guys from a town about 50 miles from Pittsburgh got in trouble for their Super Bowl party menu. That's because a friend dimed them out for killing deer out-of-season, butchering Bambi in the garage and serving their guests fresh venison. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

• The murder trial involving former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle's alleged love triangle has gotten underway. The victim was Gayle's former girlfriend. The suspect was allegedly Gayle's "part-time real estate agent, part-time sex partner." [CLTV] (H/T Choo)

• The Bengals are even the laughing stock of Cincinnati football. The Cincinnati Commandos, an indoor football team which went 11-1 to win the Continental Indoor Football title last season, takes promotional shots. [Yardbarker] (H/T Kevin N.)


• On the plus side, July 2 is Dusty Baker bobblehead/toothpick-dispenser day in Cincinnati. Get your Reds/Indians tickets soon! [Last Angry Fan]

• Fat Ragu lookalike Jayson Stark writes that "Opponents have figured out Phillies." Though he used to live there, "Fat Ragu lookalike Jayson Stark hasn't figured out how to spell Philadelphia in his subheds." [ESPN] (Let the "Tally Hickey's Typos Party" begin!)


• In the Sunday soccer roundup ... FIFA President Sepp Blatter says the English FA should've punished Manchester United's Wayne Rooney for elbowing Wigan Athletic's James McCarthy in the head [Daily Mail], and bans potentially "dangerous" snoods while saying goal-line replay technology will be tested for another year [Guardian].

• The Celtic/Rangers fallout continues with questions about racist banter [Bob's Blitz].

• (Ashley) Cole of Duty has sprung up online. [The Sporting Rave]

• And, Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, subject of a Sports Illustrated profile breathing life into hopes for a potential U.S. World Cup win someday, downplays reports of an attempted knife attack at La Coruna airport last week [Daily Mail].


Man U/Liverpool started at 8:30 a.m. eastern. It's on Fox Soccer Channel. [Liverpool Echo]

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