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Writing Up "Assault" In Joey Porter's Contract Was A Grand Idea

You might have thought Joey Porter punching guys in a Vegas hotel would be bad for his team. (Or calling opposing players "fags." Or attacking you with his dogs. Or pretty much anything else Joey Porter does.)


But, alas, no! He's just making the Dolphins a tougher team, according to Greg Cote in The Miami Herald.

The Dolphins are paying Porter big money, nearly starting-quarterback money — $32 million over five years, most of it guaranteed — to do more than make tackles and sacks from his outside linebacker spot. They are buying a player with attitude. A badass. They are buying an athlete who — by association, maybe by osmosis — might inspire teammates to be more emotional on the volatile side, and make the entire Dolphins brand perceived as tougher, scarier. On Sunday night, they began getting their money's worth.


We are absolutely behind this idea; it is perfectly reasonable that, in the future, NFL players will receive performance bonuses for off-the-field attacks. It's a logical extension of what's already happening. No wonder the Bengals were over the salary cap!

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