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You Gonna Eat That, Bro? Your NFL Late Games Open Thread

Week seven, round two. We saved the mediocrest for second to last. Enjoy the fun with all your friends down below. Or just lurk like a weirdo.

Kansas City at Oakland (CBS): So, Carson Palmer got what he wanted. The Raiders got what they wanted. And the Bengals definitely got what they wanted. It's the classic win-win-win, right? WRONG. What about the integrity of the game? We're just going to allow players to demand trades now? Let them force their way out of a situation they no longer want to be in? Why, classy old school owner Wellington Mara would not have stood for that. Nor would Edgar Kaiser/Pat Bowlen. Robert Kraft surely wouldn't tolerate such a thing. The game's changed, man.


Pittsburgh at Arizona (CBS): Ben Roethlisberger made some waves this week when he suggested that the league tries to protect its better players. Ben Roethlisberger made some waves this week when he suggested that he has a brain.

Green Bay at Minnesota (FOX): Donovan McNabb got benched for the rookie Christian Ponder. We all know what that means for surname pun lovers. But what about Five? I don't think it's fair the rookie gets all the word play fun. We've got to come up with something good for Donovan. They call him and purple? Or, is this the season of the QB switch?

St. Louis at Dallas (FOX): Looks as though Sam Bradford won't be playing in this one. AJ Feeley will get a chance to out-duel Tony Romo and the Probably Super Bowl Champion At Some Point Dallas Cowboys. Serious question: Do the Rams have other players? Is Torry Holt still alive?


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